Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All is well with me

I am around, I am fine and there isn’t anything preventing me from blogging apart from lack of interest.

Nothing dramatic has happened in the past few weeks (although Queen’s Day celebrations were a real eye-opener!) but there has been more than enough material to blog enough had I had the urge. While I’m not obliged to blog, it really has been very remiss of me to completely ignore the comments on my blog and several emails that have expressed concern about my ‘disappearance’. Blame it on lethargy, bad manners or something completely different. But, whatever the reason, it’s no excuse for completely disappearing and not reassuring worried readers that all is well with me. For that I do need to apologise.


I owe two people (Terri and Angel) my responses to being tagged by them so when I do get to blogging again, my responses will be given top priority. Until then, I’ll probably be rather quiet.