Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Check this out. Amazing!"

ten years
The first entry on Scripting News effectively ushered in the first blog 10 years ago. In the intervening years, these online diaries have been touted as the future of media, labelled "pathetic drivel", and caused court cases, prison sentences and international incidents. But love them or loathe them, bloggers around the world have ensured incredible growth for the medium.(full article here)

Ten years ago, I'd just finished my MBA and was already a very seasoned user of the web. Blogging didn't enter my radar until some three years later when I read an article about blogger.com. I liked the idea, printed the article and put it in my file of 'interesting things', planning to return to it some day. The file gathers dust on top of the bookshelves in Cape Town.

Fast forward another four years and I was introduced to my first blog by Mike. After a brief stint of 'guest-blogging' on his blog, I set up this blog with its first entry entitled 'Test'. And that was that for almost a year when I began blogging in earnest. Sadly, that memorable first entry disappeared into file thirteen.

Eighteen months later, I'm still here, wittering on about nothing despite often wondering why I do it.


Blogger herschelian said...

I'm a latecomer to blogging, but had been using the web for years (as we have business in China it was usually the cheapest method of transferring documents). I find it incredibly theraputic, there is all sorts of shit going on in real life, and my blog is a calm place where I can ignore all the day-to-day hassles.I'm glad if people bother to read it, but I really blog for myself.
Anyhow, I'm glad you blog, as I enjoy your posts and of course the fabulous world-famous carrot cake!

2:12 pm  
Blogger Minge said...

It's never wittering, it's all fabulous.

4:11 pm  
Anonymous edvard moonke said...

a veteran.

I've been online for just under 10 years but as a blogger I am but a child compared to you.

happy 10 years online!

12:06 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

herschelian: You’re obviously a woman of great taste if you enjoy my posts and love my carrot cake! While I enjoy having readers, I also find that I blog for myself. Not only is it therapeutic, but it serves the function of a diary. Reading entries months or years later, brings back all sorts of memories associated with the time of the posting.

Minge: Thank you, thank you!

edvard moonke: While I’ve been online for more than 10 years, I have NOT been blogging for 10 years. As a Blogger, I’m only just over 18 months old.

9:19 am  
Blogger Caroline said...

I missed your pretty candles before - what are you going to wish for?

11:06 am  
Anonymous Phoenix.xm said...

You do it because you can.

Blogdome is a world many miss when left... and I think It's a great place for thoughts and time.

You are great at combining the two, which makes for a great read. So don't wonder, just keep bloggin!

5:47 pm  

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