Friday, January 05, 2007

Time to get nailed?

A new year, a new country, and a new leaf, right?

Well, not quite as I’ve been stealing bandwidth from a neighbour again. My flat has a wireless broadband connection but I’ve been unable to connect to it as yet. I’m hoping my landlady’s boyfriend will be round this weekend to help me sort it out. Anyway, all that to say that my attempts last night to load pics proving that I work in an orange building were thwarted by the neighbour’s unstable connection. I was also going to blog about my last sordid moments in Nottingham and the way I began the new year in Amsterdam. That will have to wait until next time.

Really, one just can’t get the right calibre of neighbour anymore!

Week one of the new life in Amsterdam is almost over and I haven’t been out on the tiles once. Unheard of behaviour for me - I must be getting old! That will change as of tonight, of course. But, being spoilt for choice and having Reguliersdwarsstraat less than 5 minutes walk away, what venerable establishment should be the first to be graced with my presence? Well, as fate will have it, this blog has been going through another spike again after my insults post was included in kottke’s list of the 100 best links of 2006.

So, I’ll be going to ‘De Spijker’ just around the corner from me even though leather isn’t my sort of thing.

Why? Well, another meaning for spike is nail and the Dutch word for nail is ‘spijker’. It makes perfect sense to me even if it doesn’t to you!


Blogger Caroline said...

Hope you are all settled in now (apart from the connection).

Have fun tonight!

1:23 pm  
Blogger andrea said...

Make sure you nail a tall one. Apparently the world's tallest nationality is Dutch. I wish I was there!

3:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy new year nomad! did you have fun?

9:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh- i keep meaning to ask and then forget when i get so totally engrossed in your post... how did you change the little icon that i see next to your link in my favourites list?

9:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go Nomad, you go! I LOVED going out in Amsterdam - such fun, such hot guys, such friendliness!

5:49 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

Hi all. I don't have an internet connection at home at the moment, so emails aren't being answered and my blog not being attended to. Hopefully, that will be sorted out today or tomorrow.

You may be interested to know that I went to De Spijker but found it a bit too hardcore for me so didn't stay long.

I'll be back again soon.

1:13 pm  
Anonymous Elmer said...

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7:41 am  

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