Sunday, November 05, 2006

One hundred thousand, here we come!

nearly 100000I think it's going to happen sometime today, Guy Fawkes Day. The best of the fireworks may have happened yesterday, but they'll still be celebrating me tonight.


Blogger Terri said...

Ah that explains why there are still so many fireworks going off pop. And, of course, it's Guy Fawkes.

12:25 pm  
Anonymous FROG WITH A BLOG said...

Wow, a lot has happened, not too long ago, I was #10.000! And now we're already on 100.000. Ghana has moved from 35 to 43 and France that used to be #4 on your flag list has been overtaken by Canada, Australia and Germany! Gee, look at you Mr. Superstar Blogger! And look at me, I'm so jealous! Well, what can I say, that must be talent and a little bit of porn here & there.
Congratulations and let's hope for 100.000 more soon.

1:38 pm  
Blogger andrea said...

We used to be neck and neck as I recall. Well, I've just hit 30,000 so I guess I've been soundly beaten. And then some. Congrats.

1:44 pm  
Blogger angel said...

geez... i got a long way to go on my page! hey- while posting this i was visitor #100307!

7:31 pm  
Blogger ExAfrica said...

Many congratulations. Hope you've celebrated properly

Little Ginger Tea, perhaps?

1:20 am  
Blogger Caroline said...

The big displays were mostly Saturday night but there was even more smoke last night here in Bristol as ever back garden let off one or two fireworks.

Well done on so many visitors!

8:14 am  
Anonymous rhino75 said...

I am so far behind I almost dare not leave a comment - but congratulations!!

10:03 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

Terri: They did me proud, didn’t they?

FROG WITH A BLOG: Things have moved a bit in quite a short time. But, it has nothing to do with talent or porn – it’s all to do with a lazy post that got picked up by some well-connected bloggers.

andrea: Thank you, m’am.

angel: That counter has been moving quite quickly in recent weeks. At the height of my ‘fame’, I was getting 600 plus visitors an hour.

ExAfrica: I got horribly drunk but it had nothing to do with the blog.

Caroline: Thank you.

rhino75: Do not dare dare not leave comments!

1:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!!! And in just 3 days you've gone up to nearly 105,000!?

How'd you do it?

3:43 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

paul: Total luck. My post on insults was picked up by the right people/places and the ball started rolling from there. I suspect that the after-effects (they lasted quite a while) are about to come to an end so my hitrate will go back to normal soon.

8:33 pm  

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