Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How do you destroy a god?

greek god
You hack his website!!

I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to porn, but I have a strange penchant for it that consists of periodic bouts of downloading porn yet almost never looking at it again once it’s on my harddrive. Once, in a fit of boredom, I spent several hours separating my porn into different categories yet when I had to reformat my harddrive a few months ago, the thought of losing all my porn didn’t bother me in the least.

In pursuit of this odd penchant of mine, I have several websites that I visit regularly when the porn-urge is upon me. One of the best, ‘Deus Grego’, is updated daily with new material that suits the most varied of tastes. An odd name, you may think, but entirely appropriate if you know that it’s a Brazilian site full of gorgeous men – ‘Deus Grego’ is the Portuguese for ‘Greek God’.

The urge was upon me a couple of days ago and I duly clicked on the web address.

‘Good God, what have I pressed on?’ was my immediate reaction. I checked and double-checked that I’d spelt it correctly. Yep, nothing wrong with my spelling. But that was definitely not the ‘Greek God’ I know!

A bit later, I got several emails from the yahoo news group associated with the site (yes, I know I’m sad!), one of which said the following:

‘…Um ato de vandalismo e repugnante demonstração de intolerância com o direito de exercermos a nossa homossexualidade!... Homem, necessariamente,não precisa gostar de mulher! Somos seres livres, donos das nossos gostos e preferências… Alguma coisa tem que ser feita. Podem contar comigo, precisamos nos unir!’

In English:
‘…An act of vandalism and a repugnant demonstration of the intolerance of our right to exercise our homosexuality!..Men do not necessarily have to like women! We’re free, owners of our own tastes and preferences…Something has to be done. You can count on me, we need to unite!’

Fucking hell, we’re talking about a porn site here, not Mugabe’s attitude towards gays!

Here(*), go have a look at what the hackers have done – its fucking hilarious! Ok, maybe not that funny, but it's damned funny. Be warned, it’s not work-safe. Look, I know that hacking websites is no laughing matter, and I’d hate to have my blog hacked, but those hackers have a sense of humour!

(*)UPDATE: It appears that they've got their website back. So for those of you who didn't get to see what happened, I'll have to tell you - it was plastered with explicit pics and ads for young women. Yes, god forbid, female tits and ass on what was once a gay porn site!


Blogger Alan said...

You seem to have become associated with some very odd people - more odd than the usual group that you hang around with ! Have fun but be careful. Will look at the site when I have a secure computer and not ont the University can check up on.

8:20 pm  
Anonymous xmichra said...

see, that's why i love visiting.. .one day it is political, the next a wine story, and another a porn day. Always good to see the mix of nomad :)

6:42 pm  

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