Monday, May 29, 2006

Why would someone do something like that?

I’ve always thought it a bit strange how, on not answering my phone or doorbell, a particular person managed to get through the locked door at street level. He’d always say that it had been left unlocked, something that happens on occasion.

I believed him.

I had no reason not to believe him but it happened enough times for me to wonder if he’d somehow got hold of my door code.

It’s been several months since he last arrived outside my door without my having let him in downstairs. In fact, it’s been many months since he’s been inside my flat at all – I’ve deliberately kept him away. I’d almost forgotten that I’d thought he may have my door code.

Now I know he has it.

I’ve never given it to him. It’s never been written down somewhere for him to chance upon it. There’s no one else he could have got it from. There’s only one way he could have got it - he watched me enter it when he accompanied me to my flat one day and noted it down.

Why would someone do something like that?


Blogger Saddle Up said...

Because they are a scary bunny-boiler?

Are you ok? No hassles from this guy?

3:15 am  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

I'm ok, thanks. Just pissed off.

By the way, I prefer my bunnies stewed.

3:36 am  
Blogger Saddle Up said...

OK - that's not so bad... hmmm - if you had MSN we could chat better ;)

3:36 am  
Blogger Saddle Up said...

Got it - rejected the last one so it wasn't published!

4:06 am  
Blogger andrea said...

This has a stalker vibe to it. Change that code! (sisterly advice)

4:29 am  
Blogger rhino75 said...

Creepy! I'd be p*ssed off too - though that just let's him into the building, right? Not into your apartment? Paris is doorcode city but we all give them out to delivery men, pizza delivery cos etc. In fact, mine's just about to change for the first time in eight years!! P.S. Saddle Up seems keen!! ;D

5:48 am  
Blogger nyasha said...

the guy is a freak. Andrea is right, better change that code before stalker guy decides to do something stupid. people like that give me the creeps.

7:57 am  
Blogger Saddle Up said...

Keen Mr Pointy Nose? Heheh... I am just a lonely blogger up at 4am... well I was... I've slept since then!

8:57 am  
Blogger DougZAR said...

Some people are just plain devious. Sounds like he's up to no good.

12:19 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

andrea: it does. Not so easy to change the code as it's used by the business downstairs and the flats on my floor.

rhino: yes, just into the building but it means that my door can be knocked on which means should I answer it, I'm interrupted/disturbed when I don't want it. And, if I don't answer it, I feel stupid ignoring it when it's obvious from noises withing that I'm there.

coffee addict: read above about changing the code. He's not dangerous so no need to fear about my well-being. Well, not my physical well-being.

saddle up: I hope you are well-rested today? I eventually put the light out at 6 and got up at 11

tiggerzar: I think that he may have forgotten what the number was for but he'll remember once he reads this.

1:04 pm  
Anonymous xmichra said...

yeish.. i would be worried if something happened. Even if he isn't crazy enough to hurt you, he was pstco enough to gain the door code. What if he broke in to the business downstairs? If he was ever caught, and it was linked back to you, you could be in serious crappola.

I would definatly be trying to see if i could get the door lock changed, or at least notify seurity so that I was not implicated.

1:31 pm  
Blogger angel said...

geez, that's some scary "SWF" shit dude... can't they change the code?

4:23 pm  
Blogger Caroline said...

Sounds bad to me. I'd have a go at getting the number changed... the other people won't want someone like that lurking either will they?

word veri is oxcowunq - what is an Ox Cow Uncle? Some sort of Bull.. must be a comment on this guys truthfulness...

7:17 pm  
Blogger Miss Mish said...

Ah, our favourite stalker again I assume?
Some people NEVER get the message.

8:18 pm  
Blogger justin said...

This doesn't sound good to me. I'd canvass opinion about putting an extra door lock on (Chubb or similar), and asking everyone else to share the cost.

9:40 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

Xmichra: I know what you are saying but, in many ways, security in the building is lax. There’s no security person and, during the day, people who ask to be buzzed into the business could very easily wander up a flight of stairs to the flats and break in there. There’s no further security between the floors.

Angel: It sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. It’s much more off-pissing than scary.

Caroline: Funny you should comment on his truthfulness as he constantly says that he never lies. He’s very proud of his honesty.

Mish: Yes. And, yes.

Justin: Getting the door code changed would be simpler (and cheaper) than that option. Although an extra lock wouldn’t be a bad idea, I don’t think it necessary in this specific instance.

12:48 pm  
Blogger Rob7534 said...

Poor Nomad, let this be a lesson to you! Don't let the guys notice your code as you stumble back to your flat clearly drunk.

You know, you're quite good at providing easy access to your gentlmen callers! =)

10:23 am  

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