Monday, May 08, 2006

Posting hiatus

We apologise for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change may have caused this…..

None of the options given to try and get Windows restarted on my laptop worked and I’m constantly being given that rather nightmare-ish message.

Postings will probably be infrequent or non-existent for a while.


Blogger Caroline said...

Sorry to hear about your infirmware.

Isn't hiatus a strange word.

I've recenely been reading about the origins of writing and that where the people had got as far as pictures to depict certain things the next step relied on using these pictures of concrete objects to refer to things that sounded the same.. in other words the roots of writing about abstractedly are in puns.

So that High (picture of a top of a mountain Ate (pictre of an empty plate) and Us (Picture of a couple)

Sounds more like a re-run of the wedding reception you were mentioning last - cool link eh?

1:54 pm  
Blogger Rob7534 said...

A likely story!

10:47 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

caroline: I like links like that but what does veriword have to say about it?

rob: what's unlikely about it?

8:56 am  
Blogger nyasha said...

that's no good... i just found your blog and now you will be blogging sparringly.... hope your computer headaches get solved promptly so that you can post without pulling your hair ;) (i have had my fair share of comp probs...) good luck

9:04 am  
Blogger Rob7534 said...

No, I was defending you Nomad! "A likely story!" I suppose I'll believe your lies, but just for today!

10:02 am  
Anonymous patita said...

having recently suffered through this, you have my sympathy!

5:20 pm  
Blogger Caroline said...

word veri is being completely unco-operative...
... unless you know what it means by ngdtyh

5:35 pm  
Blogger andrea said...

It's like having an arm lopped off, isn't it? Good luck!

10:52 pm  
Blogger Miss Mish said...

I assume you've tried the usual swearing at it?

11:22 pm  
Blogger LiVEwiRe said...

What a pisser. I think Bill Gates should make house calls.

6:54 am  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

I was going to stomp on it but sense, of a sort, prevailed, and it's sorted out now.

That lopped off arm has grown back even though Bill Gates refused to do house calls.

10:02 am  

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