Sunday, May 21, 2006

99 Red Balloons flags

Well, the suspense is over (yes, I know I'm sad!), 99 and 100 flags have been and gone. The flag counter is on 101 now that someone from Tanzania has visited this blog. I know that the 100th country was Haiti but I'm unable to work out who was 99. However, to celebrate whoever it was that was 99th, I give you four versions of Nena's '99 baloons':

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Original versionEnglish versionClub remixGoldfinger version

A little something about Nena:

"99 Luftballons"(one of the best one-hit wonders) was a pretty rare commodity in the early '80s: a song with a conscience. While lighthearted and playful in tone, the song is ultimately one of cold war tension; a war begins when trigger happy generals send planes to intercept a mass of unidentifed objects (balloons) just above the horizon. The conflict escalates as everyone wants a piece of the action, and by the end of the song there is nothing left... no fighters, no balloons, just a world in ruins.


Anonymous Dragonfly said...

Oh my goodness! I,ve always
hated that "balloon song"
with a passion!
20 odd years later Nena is as
popular as ever in Germany.
I never knew what the song
was all about, just ran when
the song played ha ha ha!
What a beauty with a
monotonous voice.

6:44 pm  
Blogger rhino75 said...

all that hair is AMAZING!! :)

7:43 pm  
Blogger Babsbitchin said...

That'll take you back to the big hair days when most girls had the dreaded,"Claw," bangs in the front. Feathered hair and hair spray were a way of life and even my kids knew that you don't touch Mommy's hair.

8:16 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

dragonfly: That song came up very high in a list of the 50 top one-hit wonders in the UK. Her voice is strangely monotonous but I like the song. :-)

rhino: Far TOO much hair! Amazing!

babs: Did you also wear big shoulder pads in those days?

8:32 pm  
Blogger Caroline said...

You've been prolific too I see! How on earth did you get your flags - just by wishing? You used up all 3 wishes on more flags! that seems so you...

10:01 pm  
Blogger nyasha said...

Parabéns! Bombs away! No, i mean FLAGS away :D We will get out the champagne for the 150 milestone!
btw, thanks Freud, you've figured me out - but don't go tell everyone now...

10:04 pm  
Blogger andrea said...

I love that song -- in the original German of course. It was so different, sort of fresh and pure, synths notwithstanding. You're so right, one of the best one-hit wonders ever. :) (Oh for those almost-innocent times again...)

3:20 am  
Anonymous Sarsparilla said...

Ah, no, it was an appalling song. Though, I thought I was clever, growing up in Swindon and learning the lyrics in German, so unfortunately, you've set loose one of those dreadful can't-get-it-rid-from-my-brain chains going now.

Cheers for that.

6:46 am  
Blogger Qenny said...

I wonder if they would have gone on to be a two- or many-hit wonder if they didn't have that Mike Myers lookalike dragging down the average attractiveness of the whole band.

8:22 am  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

caroline: Yes, I have been rather. The extra 3 flags arrived very quickly but had nothing to do with using up wishes of any kind. Coffee Addict was responsible for getting me the one from Haiti by asking a friend there to pop by.

Coffee addict. Muito obrigado! I figured you out how?

Andrea: that makes two of us who like it and two who don’t. Obviously, they have no taste! 

Sarsaparilla: Oh dear, that’s no good but at least I’ve made some sort of impact on your day. Actually, it is annoying the way it does that, it’s been going through my head ever since I made that post. Be gone, song!

Qenny: Nena’s still big in Germany but whether she still has Mike Myers in tow, I don’t know. One would suspect not.

10:13 am  
Blogger Alan said...

Congratulations on all the flags. I love 99 Red Balloons at the time even if I didn't realy understand the lyrics. Think it cam about 7 in a recent poll of One Hit Wonders. Which incidentally was won by Carl Howard (Every one was) Kung Fu Fighting. Some other very good songs were in the chat. Strawberry Switchblade "Thinking of yesterday" was one of the best.

2:25 pm  
Blogger Terri said...

Yay Nina! I loved that song. I had big hair. I wore shoulder-pads. The 80's Rocked, dude!

9:04 pm  
Blogger Vitor said...

it's an excellent song!

i grew up listening to it!

the only bit i understand in the german version is the "99 red ballons" bit :s

11:05 pm  
Blogger Frog with a Blog said...

I love the song, I've dowloaded in on itunes now and have been listening to it all evening, all this thanks to you! Such fond memories... oh

12:12 am  
Anonymous xmichra said...

I love that song!! I remember my hair being in sontention with these guys.. hehe. Congrats on the visitors Nomad, seems for winning the most boring blog you aren't doing so shabby huh?? ;)

1:49 am  
Anonymous Benedict said...

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3:12 am  

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