Thursday, December 29, 2005

Last Thursday of 2005

Since leaving work on Friday last week, I've completed ignored the blogosphere. In the real world, however, things rushed headlong into various states of oblivion but things weren't quite as debauched as they have been of late.

Friday: D popped round before we met Michelle at the Broadway cinema. We then went to Lord Roberts where we bumped into A before we all went clubbing at NG1. Michelle and I did lots of suggestive dancing while D had something sucked in the toilets. D spent the night with me.

Saturday: D returned later that day bearing a bottle of gin and brandishing a bottle of tonic. We went out again. He stayed over.

Sunday: The kids rang from Cape Town and made me sad for not being there. I went to Michelle's for lunch. R and MovieBuff joined us later that evening. R fell asleep while we watched Dr Who but re-joined us a couple of hours later. I was home by 10.30pm and went to bed. Alone.

Monday: A quiet day at home mostly spent sleeping. Was meant to meet R and Moviebuff for drinks but lethargy prevented that from happening. D arrived and spent the night.

Tuesday: Made my version of a 'roast dinner', ie roast chicken and trimmings, for D and me. I think he may have been taken aback by the amount of garlic and chilli. After lunch, we went out for a walk in the snow. It snowed while we walked - freezing but beautiful! We popped into Lord Roberts for a pint at about 5pm. D got chatted up by someone and went off home with him and I got chatting to JP who arrived at some point. Later, we were joined by A and we eventually found ourselves at the Central. I went home with a fresh chicken that I've known for over a year but not in that way before.

Wednesday: Quiet day at home. Quiet night but not early enough.

All in all, if I go over my list of things to remember for the weekend, I was pretty good even if not perfect.


Blogger Rob7534 said...


It's all party Party PARTY with you :)

It's sweet that your kids called though, must have been nice.

5:02 am  
Blogger rhino75 said...

Exactly - couldn't you just eat too much and watch tv like the rest of us? :))

2:13 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

rob: usually I ring home first but they got to ring me first this time. There's a 2 hour difference and they wanted to ring at 8am (6am my time)but my wife delayed that.....thank god!

rhino: I think that I should have done more of that than the other stuff...much healthier even if it's classic couch potato stuff

3:53 pm  

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