Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Commuter's droop

yawning awayThey were still drifting in at 9.30am. Some stragglers only got in after 10! There may have been a bit of yawning going on amongst them but they mostly looked as fresh as daisies. How dare they come in so late! How dare they look so fresh! I’ve been here since 7.45 and the day seems to stretch endlessly ahead.

It’s the second day of my daily commuting to Northampton from Nottingham. I’ve got to get up at 5.45am each day for my lift at 6.30.

Getting up at that time shouldn’t be that difficult if it were not for the fact that I’m naturally a night-owl and that I’ve been finding it hard to sleep these last few nights. Last night it was after 2 by the time I’d put out the light and then I kept waking all the time. Usually, if I wake up before I need to, I prefer not to look at the alarm in case it’s almost time to get up - I’m not keen on ending the comfort of a deep sleep with the anxiety that comes from knowing that I need to be up soon. Whenever it happened last night, I wrestled with looking and not looking at the alarm. I knew that if I didn’t look, I’d probably lie there expecting it to ring soon and delay myself getting to sleep, thus wasting sleep time.

Actually, I think that the best policy in such circumstances is to the check the time even if one’s head hurts or one is suddenly faced with the prospect of only having 5 more minutes to sleep!!

I’m meant to be off to the theatre with Mike and Michelle but I’ve warned them that I may not go if I’m still so tired when I get home this evening. At the moment I’m constantly yawning and having to get up for a walk, cup of coffee or a fag break.

I need to make a concerted effort to adjust my sleep patterns to get used to all of this.


Blogger BUDDESS said...

Good luck with that!! I am fortunate that when my head hits the pillow, I'm asleep. I have taught myself to only got to bed when I am tired and ready to sleep. Hence, eyes sees pillow, brain says sleep!

7:30 am  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

Latest blog entry will tell you that my sleep deprivation. This time self-inflicted.

I used to sleep so easily so I'm not sure what it is that's changed things of late. I think this weekend may become one long snooze

10:05 am  

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