Monday, October 03, 2005

Having a Ball in Bali

Bali's back. Three years after the bomb, and a year after the Foreign Office rescinded its advice to avoid the island, new hotels are opening and the number of visitors to this most exotic and culturally beguiling south-east Asia's destinations is increasing.

I read that this morning in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph's travel section while having my breakfast. It made the news of the weekend's lastest bombing there seem even more depressing. Obviously the Telegraph's newsroom didn't have time to pull the article and they probably feel the same.

Two Malaysian fugitives have been named as the suspected masterminds of the attacks, suspected JI leaders who have been on Indonesia's most wanted list since the attacks of 12 October 2002.

Despite Bali being such a popular tourist destination, bombings there don't have the immediacy and impact of a bomb in a major Western city. We must guard against not giving them the same sort of attention we tend to reserve for places like London and Madrid.

Perpetrators of this sort of deed need to be stopped wherever they are.


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