Wednesday, October 05, 2005

An exploratory foray

The colleague who invited me out last night has that sort of dissipated look that says, ‘I enjoy me pints’. The sort of look that can be very appealing to me since I probably have the same sort of look. But, until I’ve received my first salary cheque, I’m a bit strapped for cash and I doubt that he’s the sort of guy who’d have wanted to stop after a couple. So, I postponed his offer to another night

I was tired when I got home and dozed off for a couple of hours, waking up at about 9. There I was, refreshed and alone in my hotel room. What to do? Telly? Read? Explore? Mmm…explore sounds like a good idea. Explore the gay scene.

At 10, I walked into the Jolly Anker.

At 10.02, I walked out. Actually not, but that’s what I felt like doing. Instead, I bought a pint of Stella and stood in the corner communing with my mobile. What did gay men, on going to a gay bar on their own, do before mobiles? Amongst the many messages I fired off in the next hour were these:

Just walked into the Jolly Anker (sic). 13 people here incl staff, 8 are women. Not promising! Will have to do further research.
(In case you’re wondering, I’m anything but a misogynist but the numbers seemed rather unbalanced)

Bar dyke says it will pick up in an hours time, it closes at 2. Too late for me tonight! She says the other place, Boston Clipper, is shit. Love it when the gay community sticks together!
(In case you're wondering, I don’t dislike lesbians as some gay men do – some of my best friends are.. blah blah)

Amongst the replies I got:

Hi babe. Don’t want to hear about you trying to pull. But good luck. Are you coming down on Sat? Have you had any luck with men since Nottingham?
(From mad, infatuated A who still seems to be holding a candle about us getting back together)

Yeah, ‘cos if that’s it you’re going to have to import someone.
(From the ex in Cape Town, implying that he be the one that I import – our ‘fatal attraction’ continues)

Maybe Northampton isn’t at its most sizzling on a Tuesday…courage mon brave!
(From Mike, ensuring that I keep my pecker up)

The place did get quite a lot busier after 11. The preponderance of lesbians continued and most of the men were very young in a very young kind of way – lots of spiky haircuts and funky hats. I did, however, get talking to a window-cleaner who seemed really nice. We exchanged phone numbers.

I was in bed by 12.30.

So, it wasn’t an early night but I didn’t drink much. On arriving at the office today, I let my colleague know that I was there to be collected at reception. He asked me to contact someone else, as he’d only be in about half an hour later. That would have been an hour ago. Perhaps that dissipated demeanour says something after all.


Blogger mike said...

This blogger lives in Northampton:

I have met him. He's nice. But not very au fait with the town's sizzling gay scene. (I guess that's on a need to know basis.)

11:34 am  
Blogger mike said...

Also, the texts from the Nottm stalker and the Cape Town ex are quite hilariously "to type"!

11:36 am  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

Thanks Mike, I'll have a look at it. But does he know that you have 'connected' a reprobate like me to him?

I wonder what it is about the local gay scene and things nautical?

12:01 pm  
Blogger Miss Mish said...

I assume the pub is called the 'Wank' for short?

9:59 am  

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