Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yet another interview.

London this time.

And, not just London, one of the best locations in London - Southwark Bridge, views of the river, views of London landmarks like St Paul's and the 'Gherkin', about 300 metres walk from Tate Modern.

I met the agent at 8.30 this morning for a latte and a briefing on the position before going in to be interviewed by 3 people at 9. For once, I seemed (to my internal critic) very articulate and rather intelligent. It was all to do with the people interviewing me, of course, although the prior briefing may have helped too.

One of the interviewers, someone the agent had described as 'seemingly taciturn at times', seemed very engaged with the whole process and, towards the end of the interview, said, 'On a lighter note, I see you collect modern first editions'. This led to a brief discussion on book-collecting and my finding out that he's also a bit of a dabbler when it comes to collecting modern firsts.

A good sign, I feel.

I left in a very positive frame of mind. Let's hope that something concrete comes of all this.


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