Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well, what else is a JAP going to send in a Red Cross parcel?

A third relief parcel has arrived! From Michelle this time.

  • home-made fruit cake - I absolutely love fruit cake! Naturally, I love fruits too.
  • champagne - of course, darling, what else would another bon viveur send me?
  • some Marlboros - I'm a 21st century Marlboro man!
  • more reading matter - Michelle always gives me weeks of sleepless nights after she's given me books - I love her taste in books and I can't put them down once I start reading them. This time, it's Andrew Taylor's 'The American Boy, Michael Frayn's 'Headlong' and Peter Carey's 'Illywhacker', all books I've meant to read before but never got round to. I've not read anything by Taylor, read a few Frayn novels but not this one and most of Peter Carey's novels but not 'Illywhacker'. How did she get it right?

It's time to get ready for my long trek to Letchworth for today's interview so let me end with a quote from Michelle's card that makes me feel very special - 'Missing you terribly of course, those bars hold no attraction for me now you've gone...'

Love and kisses to you, Michelle.


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