Saturday, September 10, 2005

Trekking out west in search of work

Not an auspicious start!

There’s a fast train from London to Bristol but the connection from there to Bridgwater is what can be aptly called the ‘milk train’. Nothing particularly wrong with that if you aren’t impatient but being locked in on the platform did seem rather odd. The ticket office was locked, so no exit that way. The gate to the side of the station building was padlocked - no easy out that way either. There was only one thing to do – climb over the gate. Not such an easy thing to do when dressed in a suit and you have to ensure that you clear the spikes without damaging the suit, never mind the crown jewels.

The walk from the station to the centre of the town didn’t do much for me either – several run-down pubs, second-hand clothing and furniture shops, numerous mobile phone shops, Wilson’ s Tackle & Darts, a tattoo parlour, a kebab shop, an Indian takeaway, two betting shops, a Chinese takeaway, a second-hand books shop proudly advertising their ‘adult section’ and their collection of ‘adult novelty toys’, etc. Passers by were, without exception, very down at heel. Lots of tired young mothers wheeling prams and screaming at toddlers struggling to keep up; not a suit in sight (not that I’ve ever gauged a place by the number of suits on the street).

Things improved a few streets beyond but the preponderance of charity shops seemed to be the defining statement about the commercial activity in the town. I didn’t do too much wandering around so I’m sure that I have an unfairly biased opinion about the place.

But, sitting in the foyer at the Environmental Agency, my spirits lifted a bit – they do seem to be a very worthy organisation and they happen to be situated in one of the most beautiful parts of England – I’m referring to the region now, not Bridgwater itself.

The interview was a 2-hour grilling by 3 people. It seemed to go well and I was told that I’d hear whether I’d got the job or not by the end of the day.

I didn’t. Hear from them, that is. So, it means waiting until Monday to hear if I’m going to be a salaried man again or if the job hunt continues.


Blogger portuguesa nova said...

Good luck...job hunting is the worst worst worst. I've just spent way too much time reading this blog and getting caught up.

So glad I found you via your comment/the link on Troubled-Diva!!

10:00 pm  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

Thanks, you are quite right about it being the worst!

I'm glad that Troubled Diva has brought us 'together' - I'll have to post on your blog in Portuguese to see if you understand. :-)

2:35 pm  

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