Sunday, September 11, 2005

Too much red wine last night.

I have a hangover this morning - not had one of those since I moved away from Nottingham.

It has nothing to do with not getting that job. G and M had a dinner party last night and I drank too much red wine, always a recipe for much fuzziness the day after.

PatraG made the main course, fish briyani made from a Cape Malay recipe book and I made apple crumble for desert. Once the guests arrived, M grilled some patra slices and served them with various chutneys as a starter.Delicious stuff!

It was a good evening but a bit subdued for one of G and M's parties. I'm not really sure why as I knew everyone apart from T and the mix of professions/careers was definitely eclectic.
  • G - forensic psychiatrist, my best friend from varsity days. We studied medicine together until I dropped out.
  • M - his partner of over 15 years. M used to be the 'Algerian expert' for a company that advises on investment risks associated with different countries. He's now the marketing director for a major company in the City.
  • C - an American who has lived in London for 8 years. He works as the 'Russian expert' for the same company that M used to work for. I've known him since G and M took me to a party at his place soon after he arrived in the UK. He flew off to Moscow at 6 this morning - not something I'd have wanted to do after all that red wine.
  • S - used to work for the BBC but is now an independent TV producer/director. I met her about 4 years ago at a lunch at G and M's, just after she had returned from Iceland, the day before I moved to Newcastle.
  • T - works as an African Art expert for a major auction house. A strangely brittle character who seemed to spend a lot of the evening discussing his various gaydar conquests with M.
  • me - unemployed. Am I bitter? No!

I got up at 10 to find G busy at work in the garden and M preparing for a 20 mile run. G's first comment to me this morning: 'I didn't realise you were going quite so grey." Nor did I, actually, but the grey does seem more visible when my hair gets beyond a certain length and after too much drink the night before. Um, maybe the drink has nothing to do with it.

I think I ought to get my hair cut soon.


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