Thursday, September 22, 2005

Still waiting to go...

All the references are in but my nomadic lifestyle is making it difficult for them to check up on whether I have any CCJs outstanding at any of the addresses I occupied over the last 4 years. As far as I'm aware, I don't have any. And, my aversion (I'm reluctant about all sorts of things!) to paying taxes and keeping up to date with the requirements of 'Companies House' have sort of caught up with me too. So, before I can start work, I need to:
  • supply a personal bank statement that isn't older than 1-2 months old: I'll have to go into the bank and get one printed off. I hope that I can get a 2-month old one as the unofficial overdraft won't look as bad.
  • get my company back on to the register of active companies. This simply means paying in £30 but it may take a few days before that comes into effect. Until that happens, the agency will probably not issue my contract.

So, the wait goes on. The longer it goes on, the longer it is before I start earning money again.


Blogger mike said...

This is getting RIDICULOUS! Are you SURE you won't be working for MI5?

By the way, I like your link title rollover texts. God is in the details!

11:01 am  

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