Friday, September 16, 2005

Singapore Slings

I had my first Singapore Sling in Singapore, in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel, its birthplace.

For a few months in 2003, I worked in Raffles City Tower, a tall building across the road from Raffles. The first three floors of the building are a vast, gleaming showcase of upmarket consumerism. - marble, chrome and glass; silent escalators that stretch endlessly heavenwards. It also happens to be the most obviously cruisy place outside of a gay bar or club that I've ever been to.

Soon after starting work there, I met a recently acquired friend for drinks at Raffles after work. We spent several hours there, knocking them back with gay abandon then went back to my apartment. A great drink but not one that I'd actively seek out again.

Recipe for Singapore Sling
A few weeks before leaving Singapore, I almost had a sling of another kind.

I was in the Taboo Club on a Friday evening, desperately hot and desperately horny. As usual, the place was heaving. Singapore is hot and humid, uncomfortably so, but wading through the humidity and heat generated by the crowd felt like wandering through the corridors of Hell. A Hell populated by lithe young men bent on taking a white guy home.

White, gay men over a 'certain age' who like young men are very well-catered for in Singapore. They can be seen in the gay bars, surrounded by young attentive men, blissful expressions on their faces. A blissful expression that's often accompanied by a very distasteful combination of smugness and arrogance. A combination that doesn't seem to deter the attention of the pretty Asian boys. I'm white and gay and, to some, I'm 'over a certain age' but, to me, there's a lot more to men than just prettiness and youth. I was horny and I was being touched, smiled at, and sometimes followed by several men, mostly very young, but I wasn't interested in them.

And then I saw L.

He was on his own and looking in my direction. I'd seen him before, weeks before, and we'd exchanged looks and smiles but not talked. This time we walked up to each other and started shouting at each other in an attempt to hear each other speak. Like most Singaporean men, he was a lot shorter than I am and, like many Singaporean men, he was beautifully built. In repose, his face was hard, almost mask-like. When he smiled, it lit up brilliantly. It was too noisy in there to actually have a conversation but we danced until the sweat poured off me and we bought each other drinks. Lots of them.

After a few hours, L suggested we go. I followed him out into the street.

'Do you want to come back to my apartment?' I asked. Most of the other men I'd picked up in Singapore wanted to go back to my place as most of them lived in small apartments, often with several other family members.

'No,' he said, 'come with me. I have somewhere nice to go to.'

We crossed several wide streets before coming to a metal grille covering a door. L unlocked the grille and lifted it high enough for us to stoop under. He locked it, unlocked the door and switched on the lights. 'Come in,' he said, smiling.

I followed him into a smallish foyer and stood looking around while he went behind the counter to get some keys. Areas went off to the left and right. To the right I could see a bar area and a small pool surrounded by lush plants and palm trees. 'What's this place?' I asked.

'The sauna,' he said. 'I'm the manager.'

I'd been to saunas before and I've been to them since but I'm not really a sauna slut. Here we had the place to ourself - the bar, the pool, the steam room, the showers, the cubicles, the dark room, the whole place. We'd been lusting after each other ever since seeing each other a couple of hours earlier - within seconds, we were all over each other.

During the next few hours, we fucked everywhere and every way. It was amazing, he was amazing, I was amazing. There was a sling but we didn't use it. We drank more, we sniffed poppers, we had lots of sex and we smoked loads of dope. Dope? Yes, dope in Singapore.

Homosexuality is still illegal in Singapore but the gay scene has become very open in recent years. Backstage Bar had applied officially to fly the rainbow flag a year or so before I was there - permission had been granted. But the relaxing of laws criminalising homosexuality has not extended to the laws concerning drugs. The penalites for drug use and dealing are very severe. In theory, the death penalty can be applied to drug offences.

We left at about 6am and went to my apartment. The concierge greeted me, ignored L and let us in. We slept for a few hours then started where we'd left off. L eventually left at 11 that night.

I received an email from L yesterday. It was the first time I'd heard from him since leaving Singapore. I replied and got another from him today. In it he says: 'You may not have learnt that I was in jail for drug consumption "ketamine" for 8 month in 2004. Since then, I was jobless after being released.'

Sounds like he may've got off lightly. It's strange being in touch with him again.


Blogger Gay banker said...

It certainly is amazing how many oriental gay guys there are in Singapore who fancy caucasians. Looking back in my blog archive, I actually mentioned this in my first ever blog posting Things I can't tell boyfriend number 1: Singapore trip Feb 2005. Wednesday, first night. And yes, I guess I have to admit to being over 'a certain age' too LOL.

7:08 am  
Anonymous said...

What exactly you're writing is a horrible mistake.

8:17 am  
Anonymous Gianluca said...

singapore is such a clean place - hope you have also enjoyed that aspect of your stay there

6:31 pm  

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