Monday, September 12, 2005

London Bloggers and the Tube Map

In between worrying about catching the Bridgwater train and being unable to take my eyes off the hand of the guy sitting next to me, I was thinking about the London Weblog Directory I'd come across last week. It's a really simple but clever concept linking bloggers to the tube station closest to them. Quoting from the website:

'This site is a directory of weblogs written by people who live or work in london, organised by the rather iconic London Tube map (and also the central london suburban rail network, docklands light railway and croydon tramlink).'

When you register for the site, you provide them with various details including your nearest tube station. You are given a button to imbed on your blog that supplies details of all the other blogs registered for that station.

London Weblog Directory
It has some great features including street and tube maps of the area.

Tube map of King's Cross

It also includes a rather nifty feature that links to Flickr so that pictures appropriate for that station are displayed. Just by chance, the first picture I clicked on for King's Cross, had a 'gay theme':

King's Cross tube station
I think it's really cool. Too bad I don't live in London.


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