Tuesday, September 06, 2005

If I go down to the woods today....

Relief parcels have been arriving all week. My good friends are really going out of their way to help me survive this unwelcome lean period. All my important staples are being catered for - nicotine, alcohol and reading matter. Well, apart from one, of course - men! I've hinted at getting a man or two posted my way but, oddly enough, my friends thing that that is pushing my luck. So, no men will be arriving via DHL or in the little red post van.

But, it's autumn and the overgrown lawn is speckled with all sorts of mushrooms. Mmmmm.....thinks......there's a very large wooded area a few minute's walk from the house. I wonder if stinkhorns grow there?

If I go down to the woods today, I'm sure of a very big surprise....

Oh, that's just sick! I'm losing it!


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