Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I won't be gardening in Letchworth.

I've just heard that my green thumb won't be required in Letchworth, 'the world's first garden city'.

Apparently, they liked me and know that they could do with my services but feel that I have insufficient breadth of knowledge for the particular role that I was interviewed for. Sounds like a polite brush-off to me.

So, two interviews last week but neither was successful. If this carries on, I'll start getting a complex. I hope that the two interviews I have this week - Northampton (tomorrow) and London (the day after) - result in something more positive.

Hold thumbs for me. That's South African for keep your fingers crossed for me.


Blogger mike said...

A pox on Letchworth!

Good luck with the next two...


11:01 pm  
Blogger portuguesa nova said...

I don't actually know if this is encouragement or not, but my husband had NINETY THREE rejections over the course of eighteen months of job searching. Four months into the job he has now, he's very, very happy. My point: 1. I'm sorry, it is their loss. 2. It only takes one yes (can't tell you how many times people told us that one).

12:57 am  

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