Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friends Reunited? Maybe not.

The first person to contact me was M. He was perfectly pleasant at school, not particularly dim but a bit of a plodder. I recall liking his forearms and the bump in his spine at the base of his neck. When I first got an email from him, I didn’t really have time to answer properly so I acknowledged it and promised to send him a decent reply as soon as I could. It was almost a month before I got back to him. In between, I’d received a couple of emails asking how I was and when he could expect the ‘decent reply’ that I'd promised.

I replied. I never heard from him again.

The next person was A who had shared my room for a year. He was quite a cool guy at school and I liked him a lot even though I did see him wearing my brown corduroy jacket to movies when I was away for the weekend and he thought that I’d never know. On occasion, we indulged in some mild, innocent shenanigans. The sort that he, the straight boy, probably doesn’t remember but which I have an extremely good recollection of. I sent him that email a couple of emails after receiving his first one.

Beyond that first flurry of emails, we’ve not been in contact much. But, now and again, we’ll correspond. Oh, and he did send me a picture of his kids AFTER receiving the email.

Next was L. She was one of 3 stereotypically Swedish-looking daughters of the local Baptist minister - they were Swedish. She was very religious and very bright. She and I, together with another classmate, vied for top marks in our various subjects.

I sent her my epistle. I got a short pleasant reply commenting on various things I’d said and a promise to send me a ‘decent reply’. After not having heard any more, I sent her an email about 6 months later. I’ve never heard from her again.

Then it was W, a lovely dim girl who did Home Economics (or Domestic Science as it was called then) and Typing, ‘girly subjects’ for the girls without much ambition. Boys of the same ilk did Metalwork and Woodwork. Those were non-PC times!

I sent her the same email. There was a reply that didn’t say much but she put me on her joke emailing list so I’m sort-of in contact but we've not really exchanged any personal information since then.

So much for re-uniting with old school friends! In my case, I suspect that three words may explain it a bit - 'despite being gay'. Hardly the words of a strident gay activist, I'd have said.

Anyway, who gives a fuck? Not I!


Anonymous Esteban Carasco said...

are you serious?

11:20 am  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

Serious about what in particular? Yes, I am serious

11:24 am  

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