Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The end of the week is looking good.

Two interviews this week!

Real ones, too. I had a telephone interview last week (not had feedback yet) but telephone interviews don't feel like the real thing even though my first job at Boots in Nottingham was given to me on the basis of a twenty-minute phone conversation. My boss-to-be was South African - perhaps the accent swung it?

Thursday's interview is the third and final interview for a consultancy whose headquarters are based in Letchworth, a place that prides itself on being 'the world's first garden city.' Well, if that's what being a garden city does to you, I hope that the concept has long been forgotten. Lots of trees, wide streets, carefully planned community buildings - great idea but 'manufactured towns' all seem to lack the soul that develops from developing organically. The only other garden city that I've been to is Pinelands, a suburb of Cape Town. Yep, also as dull as ditchwater!

At least were I to get the job, I'd not actually spend time there - I'd be based at client sites.

Friday's interview is in Bridgwater, Somerset. What happens in Somerset besides apple-farming and cider-drinking? And, what's with the accent? It's very pleasant to the ear but it's terribly country, as in hick, don't you think? I don't really know that part of the country and its location appeals to my geographical sense of symmetry (what's that?) so I'm sure that I'll find good things to say about it if I landed up there for a few months.

A company in Leicester seems very interested in having me on board. I'm not that keen on Leicester but it's within easily commutable distance from Nottingham. I'd hoped for an interview this week but budget constraints mean that they can't think of interviewing anyone until towards the end of the month. Probably too late for me. Assuming, that is, I get a job before then.

L and D fly off to Amsterdam with his parents in the very early hours of Friday morning. So, getting to Gatwick station will prove a bit problematic unless they drop me there at 4.30am. No thanks! But, G has invited me to his and M's place for the weekend so I'll go up to London on Thursday evening and spend an extra night there.

Problem solved and an extra night away from this rural idyll!


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