Monday, September 19, 2005

All set to go.

It looks like it's going to be Thursday and not Wednesday that I start.

I have the cheap/dodgy hotel sorted out. No doubt, I'll soon be writing about it a la the Clarence Hotel. This time, I'll try to avoid the entertaining comments Mike received on Troubled Diva.

I've worked out how to get to Northampton (the train is cheaper than the coach), to the hotel, and from the hotel to work.

But, before I can start, there's a whole referencing procedure that has to be completed. We're not talking about work references that say how good or bad I'll be a the job. They need to know my whereabouts for the last 4 years - contact references for every place I've been, and, where I've not worked for more than 3 months, they want a character reference from a professional person such as a doctor, lawyer or accountant.
  • Aug 2001 – Jan 2003: Dept of Social Security – Newcastle-upon-Tyne - a rented flat
  • Apr 2003 – Jul 2003: Accenture – Singapore – based in hotel
  • Aug 2003 – Oct 2003: holiday in S Africa - based at my home there
  • Nov 2003 – Oct 2004: Boots PLC – Nottingham - a rented flat
  • Oct 2004 – Feb 2005: IBM Dublin – based in various hotels in Brussels and Southampton
  • Mar 2005 – Aug 2005: Boots PLC – Nottingham - a rented flat

Getting residence and work references for some of them is easy but some are a bit more tricky. After much searching through ancient emails, I managed to track down a contact for Singapore. G has agreed to be the professional character reference - I hope that his being a forensic psychiatrist won't be a problem! The Dublin contact is on holiday so I've managed to find someone in his area but she's not in the office until tomorrow morning.

So, it's possible that Wednesday could still be the day but it's not looking likely. This does seem rather excessive - you'd think I was applying to join MI5.


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